The band

Vocal  : Kenny
Guitar: Michael
Guitar: Jovi/ Lok
Bass   :   Sam
Drum :  Tat/  Jim
BlackWine 是現在香港少數的前衛金屬 (Progressive Metal)中堅份子,也是香港首隊以廣東話發行過唱片的Progressive Metal樂隊。自1998年成團以來,樂隊至今曾參與本地不勝其數的各類型大小演出,在2002年推出香港首張Progressive Metal唱片《追夢》後,同年舉行「BlackWine追夢音樂會」,將全張概念專輯以音樂結合影像方式於舞台完整演繹,獲樂迷一致讚賞。2008樂隊 成立十週年,第二作《影子》中《循環不息》一首長達二十分鐘,是香港樂隊的創舉,專輯發行後,再舉辦「BlackWine音樂篇之《影子》」影像音樂會,讓大家知道香港重金屬已經揭開新一頁。樂隊現在積極準備第三張新專輯的籌備工作。* 輝煌成就: 香港band壇技術派精英,本地首隊發行過以廣東話唱片之前衛金屬樂隊。
* 超越十七年團史、豐富演出經驗,包括多次參與本地盛事「Rock On」,及台灣大型音樂祭「野台開唱」,2012年獲得夏韶聲老師點名成為TVB.com主辦Music Battle壓軸演出樂隊。
* 兩張概念專輯《追夢》及《影子》皆被完整搬上舞台演譯,創香港樂隊先河。
The members of BlackWine are rare Progressive Metal supporters and artist in Hong Kong. Assembled in 1998, BlackWine released their concept album debut, as well as the first Progressive Metal release in Hong Kong, “Chasing the Dream” 4 years later. In the same year the album was played in whole with visual footages on stage. After giving uncountable concerts in Hong Kong and overseas in several years, the sophomore concept album “The Shadow” was released in 2008 the band’s 10th anniversary. Another dramatic concert interpreting the whole album marked a new beginning of Hong Kong metal.
Key Facts: The 1st one and only releasing Cantonese Album Progressive Metal band in Hong Kong.
2015 the 4th generation vocalist Kenny joined and it could be a new era to the band.
* 17 long years giving all members invaluable technical proficiency and live experience, including performing in local festivals Rock On and Formoz in Taiwan.
Performed for Final act at Music Battle by which chosed by Danny Summer.
* Both concept albums “Chasing the Dream” and “The Shadow” were visualized completly on stage, an artistic breakthrough in local band scene.